Monday, April 8, 2013

Album 365: Day 182 - Vital Information - Easier Done Than Said

Vital Information
Easier Done Than Said

Favorite tracks: Snap Out of It, Catch 22, New Boots
Sleeper tracks: Necessary Autumn, Step Aside

Journey's old drummer didn't just disappear after he left the band.  He actually was a great drummer and started a jazz/fusion group.

I bought this during my jazz snob years.  I'm sure I read about it in Modern Drummer.  I remember an issue of the magazine with a floppy record of one of his solos.  It was all charted out and was a great example of the chops Steve had that I wasn't aware of.  Shortly after that I bought this record.

It's classic late 80s/early 90s jazz.  It's airy, has soft keyboards that sound like ass and is fit for Sunday Morning Jazz on WAPL (I'm guessing they don't have that on anymore). That being said, I love the lineup and some of the songs.  Frank Gambale is a very underrated guitar player in the non-jazz world.  The drums sound awesome and Steve's chops are cool to hear.

I actually got to see the band perform at The Dakota (when it was in St. Paul).  It was a great memory.  We were very close and the band played the shit out of the room.

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