Thursday, April 18, 2013

Album 365: Day 192 - Living Colour - Stain

Living Colour

Favorite tracks: Go Away, Auslander, This Little Pig
Sleeper tracks: Bi, WTFF

I was really mad when Muzz Skillings (bass player) left the band.  This Doug Wimbish guy who replaced him was a stranger to me and I didn't think he would have brought anything to the table.

I was wrong.  While he didn't do backups, his playing was way heavier and cooler.  He came from a band called Tackhead.  I bought one of their CDs and was not impressed with the album. Anyway...

This album is really heavy compared to the first 2 records.  I appreciate the move towards heavier music.  There are some decent songs and the playing is pretty awesome...on par with a Living Colour record.  There aren't as many hooks on this record so I found myself listening to it less than Vivid.

This was the first CD I can remember having a colored jewel case.  It was red and I thought that was pretty cool.

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