Friday, April 19, 2013

Album 365: Day 193 - Bigelf - Money Machine

Money Machine

Favorite tracks: Money Machine, Ironheel
Sleeper tracks: Mindbender

I recently started to listen to this band.  Mike Portnoy announced that he was going to drum on the next Bigelf record and that reminded me of wanting to check these guys out.  I had a chance to see them open for Dream Theater but I didn't have time to see the opening bands.  Considering how much I like what I'm hearing I sure feel like a fool for missing them.

They're a mix of Beatles, King Crimson, Yes, Zeppelin, The Flower Kings, Old Genesis, Transatlantic and...oh I dunno...Pink Floyd.  They really are a classic 70s sounding art rock band that takes some of today's prog elements and mixes it all together.  I eagerly listened to this record and look forward to hearing the other 2 that I found.

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