Saturday, April 27, 2013

Album 365: Day 201 - Van Halen - 1984

Van Halen

Favorite tracks: Panama, Hot For Teacher, Drop Dead Legs, Girl Gone Bad
Sleeper tracks: Jump, I'll Wait

I can't remember if I got this album when it came out or a year later. I remember buying it with Christmas or birthday money.  I also remember bringing it home for the family listen.  It was a cool record but the band cheaped out and had a pretty crappy sleeve to look at.

The opening for 'Girl Gone Bad' is probably my favorite Van Halen moment.  The intro is great, the drum and guitar unison thing is great and the riff when the band kicks in is fantastic.  Conversely, 'I'll Wait' is probably the lamest song they did up to that point (and until Van Halen III came out).

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