Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Album 365: Day 205 - The Police - Synchronicity

The Police

Favorite tracks: Synchronicity I, Synchronicity II, Wrapped Around Your Finger
Sleeper tracks: Walking In Your Footsteps, Mother

Really great album to go out with.  If I was going to break a band up, I'd want my last album to be the best.

I didn't own this record until high school and didn't really like the whole record until a few years later.  'Synchronicity II' is my favorite Police song but 'Wrapped Around...' would be right up there.

Album was produced by same guy that did Phil Collins' and later Genesis albums.  He certainly had the golden touch back in the 80s.  The album is one of those on my list that sounds like it came out last year.  It sounds current and the production isn't dated.

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