Thursday, May 2, 2013

Album 365: Day 206 - Slayer - Reign In Blood

Reign In Blood

Favorite tracks: Angel of Death, Raining Blood
Sleeper tracks: Postmortem

In honor of Jeff Hanneman,  I thought I'd listen to some Slayer today.

I was not a Slayer fan until after high school.  A few of my friends were into them but I never gave the band a lot of thought.  I knew who they were and I knew that Dave Lombardo was a bitchin' drummer.  I don't think I liked the vocals (probably why I didn't get into Pantera until around the same time).

Once I got this album, I was able to understand what the hook was.  I can only imagine what people thought back in 1986.  Imagine being a 14 or 15 year old kid, walking into a record store and buying this...going home and blasting 'Angel of Death' as loud as your ears could stand.  It had to be a fricken trip to hear that song for the first time.  I can still spin 'Raining Blood' about 4-5 times in a row.  I will always love that song.

The album sounds pretty good for the era and type of music.  I always wonder what the records I listen to would sound like if they were recorded today.  This album might sound better but the feel wouldn't be as cool.

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