Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Album 365: Day 211 - King's X - Dogman

King's X

Favorite tracks: Dogman, Pretend, Human Behavior, Cigarettes
Sleeper tracks: Flies and Blue Skies, Manic Depression

This was the first King's X album I owned and the first King's X music I heard.  I bought the album a couple months after its release and I've been a fan ever since.

I think there was a review of the record in Modern Drummer.  I had read that a lot of bands I liked, liked King's X.  I had assumed that they were prog.  I was surprised that the record was more straight ahead rock.  The album sounded awesome (their best sounding album) and there were some cool tunes; but I didn't really dig it for several listens.  It certainly grew on me and I'm glad to have discovered them.

My only gripe with this album is the choice to put 'Manic Depression' on (the one song that will probably be in this blog the most...3 times I'm guessing).  The track was recorded in the studio but they added a live crowd to mimic the band doing a live performance.  Cheesy.  If it was done in jest, it was lame decision.

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