Saturday, May 11, 2013

Album 365: Day 215 - Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers

Deep Purple
Perfect Strangers

Favorite tracks:  Knockin' at Your Back Door, Nobody's Home, Perfect Strangers
Sleeper tracks: Mean Streak

My dad got this record for Christmas.  It was one of those Hurst family gift exchanges.  I remember we played it quite a bit during that winter.  It is a better album than the reviewers thought.  It's my favorite DP lineup (Mark II) and for 1984, the record is pretty heavy and dark.  I thought Jon Lord's keys were really cool and the production sounds good.  There are some Blackmore leads that sorta feel 'phoned in'.  There isn't a lot of brilliance in his playing but I'll take a C effort Blackmore over most A efforts from 80's guitar players.

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