Friday, May 10, 2013

Album 365: Day 214 - Spin Doctors - Turn It Upside Down

Spin Doctors
Turn It Upside Down

Favorite tracks: You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast, Hungry Hamed's
Sleeper tracks: Biscuit Head

I remember getting out of work (3rd shift), driving to exclusive company and buying this along with Dixie Dregs 'Full Circle' on the day of release.  I then drove to my friend Bryan's house to listen to the records.  I loved to go and listen to music with him.  Truly loved that part of my friendship with Bryan, Mike and Luke.

The Spin Doctors were the band that defined the sophomore slump of the 1990s.  Pocket Full...was a smash and this album was not.  It was a pretty decent record but only had a handful of good tunes.  I lost interest in the band after this record.  I still bought their albums but was always disappointed.

My friend Bryan noticed the chorus of 'You Let Your...' sounds like 'There Goes Another Love Song' by the Outlaws.  I noticed that the drums and bass on the verses of 'Hungry Hamed's' sounded like the verses of Rush's 'Alien Shore'.  Check it out.

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