Saturday, May 25, 2013

Album 365: Day 229 - Rivkit - Words of Mass Deception

Words of Mass Deception

Favorite tracks: Scapegoat, Silver Tongued Devil, A Life Without
Sleeper tracks: 18 Months of Agony

I first met this band when they tracked an EP at Oarfin.  I didn't work with them but I got to know them from being around the studio and liking their music.  That was around 2001 or 2002.  After Oarfin closed, the band got in touch with Oarfin's old studio manager who owned and managed another studio, A440.  They agreed to come in and track 5 songs with me.  We didn't have a schedule to mix but we spend a weekend tracking everything for the 5 songs.  I made some rough mixes and left it at that.  That was around 2005.

Fast forward to 2006 or 2007.  The band went through some lineup changes and had some more songs.  They ended up going to another studio to record and mix.  I was fine with that.  They used the tracks I did with them...adding keys and the new guitar player to the rhythm tracks.

I was really happy with how the tracks I did turned out.  What was frustrating to hear (through the Minneapolis music grapevine) was the other engineer telling the band's manager how inferior the tones were on the stuff I did.  I heard that and was a bit put off because A) I thought the tones stood up to the stuff that was added to the record and B) the band never had an issue and C) the person who said it never bothered to tell me personally what they felt.  It was another lesson in dealing with the music business.

I talked to the band after the album was released and they were very grateful the session we did.  I still listen to the rough mixes I did with them and am proud of how they turned out.  The songs on the CD fit well too.

Overall, it was a good local metal album.

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