Monday, May 20, 2013

Album 365: Day 224 - Quietdrive - Into Dust Before I Fall...

Into Dust Before I Fall...

Favorite tracks: Irreversible, Everyone and Everything
Sleeper tracks: Ransom Diaries

This band was a client of ours at Oarfin.  They came in as an independent band that was working with local producer/client of the studio.  They did 4 songs and they were really great pop/rock tunes that had a bit of an edge.  I recorded bass, guitars and vocals for all 4 songs.

During the session, Will.I.Am from The Black Eyed Peas booked a night to mix in Studio A.  He was doing a remix version of the Sting and Mary J Blige tune that was popular back then (don't ask me the title).  Quietdrive was working in studio B with me and their producer Matt.  The studio manager had asked Will if he wanted to meet a band working in the other studio.  He said yes and came over.  We were doing overdubs or vocals and had a few tunes ready to play for him.  He came in and sat down while I played the songs.  He was impressed and wanted to talk to his label about the band.  That started a relationship with the band and Will.  They eventually got signed and put out several albums since they 'made it big'.  I never got into their new style but I was proud of them for having a taste of making it.

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