Sunday, January 8, 2023

Derek Sherinian: Vortex (Day 8 of Album: 365 Mkll)


(Connection to previous album: Derek Sherinian was the keyboard player on Falling Into Infinity and Vortex is his solo album) 

Derek is my favorite rock keyboard player and has been since the likes of Jon Lord and Keith Emerson have passed.  He has the best keyboard lead tones I've ever heard and he still holds that Hammond organ in high regard.  Saw him play 4 times.  Twice with Dream Theater and twice with Sons of Apollo.

This record is his standard solo CD.  Great songs, a who's who of guest guitarist, a solid drummer (Simon Phillips on this one). He definitely has his style and I like it.  He's a decent dude too.  Takes time to respond to fans on social media and offers to play on songs submitted to him. 

Here's a list of performers on just this album:

Simon Phillips – drums, production
Tony Franklin – bass guitar (tracks 1, 6)
Ernest Tibbs – bass guitar (tracks 2, 5, 7)
Ric Fierabracci – bass guitar (track 3)
Jeff Berlin – bass guitar (track 4)
Jimmy Johnson – bass guitar (track 8)
Steve Stevens – guitar (tracks 1, 4)
Nuno Bettencourt – guitar (track 2)
Joe Bonamassa – guitar (track 5)
Steve Lukather – guitar (track 5)
Michael Schenker – guitar (track 6)
Zakk Wylde – guitar (track 6)
Mike Stern – guitar (track 7)
Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal – guitar (track 8)

Songs: 3.0 Ds

Performance: 4.0 Ds

Influence: 3.25 Ds

Overall: 3.5 Ds

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