Saturday, January 7, 2023

Dream Theater: Falling Into Infinity (Day 7 of Album: 365 Mkll)


(Connection to previous album: Derek Sherinian, James Labrie and John Petrucci all performed on Age of Impact and were members of Dream Theater for this album)

This Dream Theater record was always a dark horse favorite for me.  The band almost broke up making the album and they were forced to try some co-writing in order to make more radio friendly songs.  Didn't really work.  This album isn't all zingers but the proggiest songs are some of my favorites from the band's entire catalog. The drums sound fantastic and were recorded to tape.  This is the pivot album for Dream Theater. Shit got way progressive and heavy after this.  

Songs: 3.75 Ds

Performance: 4.25 Ds

Influence: 4.0 Ds

Overall: 4.0 Ds

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