Tuesday, January 31, 2023

HSAS: Through the Fire (Day 31 of Albums: 365 Mkll)

(Connection to previous album: Michael Shrieve played drums on Roger Hodgson's first solo record.  He was the drummer for HSAS)

 No computer Will detail tomorrow  

1984. “Supergroup”. Lyrics are totally Hagar solo career. I’ll add more but I can say the sum of its parts isn’t…

It's very remedial. Michael Shrieve's sense of tempo on this record is horrible.  If somebody told me that none of the 'band members' were ever in the recording studio together, I would believe it.  The Firm did this recipe justice a year later.  

Songs: 1.5 Ds

Performance: 2.25 Ds

Influence: 1.0 Ds

Overall: 1.75 D's

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