Friday, January 13, 2023

Imperial Drag: Imperial Drag (Day 13 of Album: 365 Mkll)

 (Connection to previous album: Roger Joseph Manning Jr. was keyboard player for Jellyfish. Co-founder, played keys and sang a few song for Imperial Drag.)

Dog sitting this evening and entering today’s album via phone is really tough. I’ll update the post tonight. 

Roger Joseph Manning Jr. was the keyboard player in Jellyfish. He was the keyboard player in Imperial Drag. 

Stay tuned. 

This album was a great find.  I ended up finding it on my dive into the world of Jellyfish.  Eric Dover was the guitar player for Jellyfish on their last tour as a band.  Great guitarist and vocalist. When the band broke up, Roger and Eric were gonna start a band but Eric won the audition to be Slash's vocalist for the first Snakepit record.  The Imperial Drag album was done right before and released after (I think).  It's a great glam revival record.  

Songs: 3.0 Ds

Performance: 3.0 Ds

Influence: 2.25 Ds

Overall: 2.75 Ds

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