Sunday, January 1, 2023

New year, new adventure?

 Stay tuned…

New rules:

1 album a day

Can't repeat albums from previous attempt

Rating songs on a 5 D scale

Songs: (How I feel about the songs on the album as a whole)

Performance: (How I feel about the musicianship of the album as a whole)

Influence: (If and how the album inspired me)

Overall: (Sort of an average but I can give it less or more when needing to round up or down based on the album. It's just a tie breaking procedure)

Next album has to be from a project that had a person from the previous album associated with it (including production credits) and I will give the link in the description. 

EDIT:  That's gonna be super fuckin hard to do (linking album to album).  I could see myself doing a lot of the same band until I find a clever exit into another group.  

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