Friday, January 20, 2023

Tina Turner: Private Dancer (Day 20 of Album: 365 Mkll)


(Connection to previous album: Rupert Hine produced Roll The Bones and he was a producer on Private Dancer)

I get that it was a different era but I can't understand why this album is worth 5 million in sales.  The record would never sell that much today because there are only 2 good singles off of it.  'What's Love...' and 'Better Be Good To Me' were great songs.  'Private Dancer' was ok.  

This is one of those records that has about 30 people involved in the making of the album.  Easy pickings for this blog.  I can go one of 15 ways for my next listen. 

Songs: 2.25 Ds

Performance: 2.25 Ds

Influence: 1.0 Ds

Overall: 1.75 D's

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