Friday, February 10, 2023

Asia: Alpha (Day 41 of Albums: 365 Mkll)

  (Connection to previous album: Mike Stone was the producer for 'Frontiers' album. He was the producer for this Asia album.)

Asia's first album was fabulous.  Came out at a time when it should have flopped but it didn't.  It sold 4 million records in 1982.  This record was the 2nd release and sold only 1 million.  It was also the last to feature the  original lineup.  Alpha had only a few moments where it was fun to listen to.  

Oh, and Mike Stone is another one of those super-producers. He worked with a ton of bands I liked.  I didn't realize his discography was so immense.  Check him out.  

Songs: 2.0 Ds

Performance: 2.25 Ds

Influence: 2.25 Ds

Overall: 2.0 D's

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