Monday, February 13, 2023

Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Emerson, Lake & Palmer (Day 44 of Albums: 365 Mkll)


 (Connection to previous album: Eddy Offord was the producer for "Close to the Edge". He was engineer for ELP's self-titled release.)

Eddy Offord in yet another one of those producer/engineer guys who had a great impact on the music I grew up with.  He was responsible for Yes and ELP's sound.  He ended up retiring and living on a sailboat...floating around the world.  

This record is fantastic.  "Trilogy" is my favorite ELP release but this is 2nd.  Bunch of 20-somethings making music NOBODY heard before.  Imagine the ambition and the decision to venture down the path they did...and it worked.  Oh, 'Lucky Man' is on this record for those who only listen to AOR radio. 

Songs: 3.75 Ds

Performance: 4.25 Ds

Influence: 3.75 Ds

Overall: 4.0 D's 

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