Friday, February 17, 2023

Filter: Title of Record (Day 48 of Albums: 365 Mkll)


(Connection to previous album: Richard Patrick was the singer of Army of Anyone.  He was the singer of Filter.)

First time I listened to this record all the way through.  It was satisfying.  I could really get into imagining Richard trying to make the best album he could at the time and it was a successful endeavor. I don't really like his personality but he's a hard worker.  The music isn't something I would play for inspiration but I would use it as a marker for how a great album should be made. Great album title btw.  I get it. 

His brother is Robert Patrick. T-1000

Songs: 2.5 Ds

Performance: 2.5 Ds

Influence: 1.0 Ds

Overall: 2.25 D's

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