Saturday, February 25, 2023

Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti (Day 56 of Albums: 365 Mkll)


(Connection to previous album: Robert Plant is the singer of Led Zeppelin.)

Missed the 48th anniversary by a day.  

Probably my favorite Zeppelin album.  Probably in my top 10 all time albums (I've been saying that about certain records for years. I wonder if I'm consistent or is my list of 10 albums like 40 albums long now.  I should actually think about exploring that)

I don't like that the songs on the album are from different eras but you can't write an 82 minute album in one shot.  It always bugged me that 'Houses of the Holy' was not on the album with that name. "Ten Years Gone" and "In the Light" are my favs on the record. 

Songs: 4.5 Ds

Performance: 4 Ds

Influence: 4.75 Ds

Overall: 4.5 D's

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