Sunday, February 5, 2023

The Firm: Mean Business (Day 36 of Albums: 365 Mkll)

 (Connection to previous album: Tony Franklin played bass in Blue Murder. He also played bass in The Firm.)

Not as good as their first album but there were some decent songs on this one.  You can tell what songs Page wrote because they sound like unrecorded Zeppelin riffs.  I love Tony Franklin's bass playing (The Frettless Monster) but sorta like Billy Sheehan, the signature tone isn't always enough for the low end.  Tony's sound worked better for Blue Murder than The Firm.  Still, what a great super trio.  That's 2 in 2 days.  

I didn't plan this path of this journey.  Now, I'm lingering in the moment and not trying to forecast where this adventure will take me.  

Songs: 2.25 Ds

Performance: 2.5 Ds

Influence: 1.75 Ds

Overall: 2.25 D's

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